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Whether you simply want a basic check-up, or are in need of a more comprehensive diagnosis, R & R Physical Therapy is your go-to for all your healthcare needs. Our Convenient Location makes the patient experience much easier and our care services more effective. Call us and see how we can help you out.

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Looking for a Healthcare Facility that really knows how to address your medical needs? R & R Physical Therapy offers a wide range of healthcare services to patients in the Tucson area. We provide our On-Call 24/7 to help our patients feel better, sooner. Schedule an appointment today and experience all we have to offer.

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R & R Physical Therapy is one of the top Healthcare Facility in the Tucson. Our Easy Appointment Scheduling is a standard feature we provide that benefits each and every one of our valued patients. Get in touch to book a health consultation and ask us about the services that are the most relevant to you.